Apart from the carbon dating, studies of signs showed similarities of Indus Valley civilization comprised of Mohanjodaro and Harappan.

A new hypothesis that links the Vaigai civilization, represented by the ongoing archaeological excavation at Keezhadi near here, with Indus civilization on the basis of exact names of places was put forth by R. Balakrishnan, Additional Chief Secretary, Odisha, India.

Mr. Balakrishnan said that there were still about 500 names in the Indus Valley which were alien to north Indian languages.

But their replicas were found in south Tamil Nadu, especially on both banks of the Vaigai.

He pointed out that names like Korkai, Madurai, Vanji, and Thondi existed now in the Indus Valley and this could not be deemed accidental.

Added to this were the symbols of the Indus Valley unearthed in Keezhadi. Mr. Balakrishnan said that the proven or potential archaeological sites along the Vaigai had exact counterparts in…

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