#NarmadaValley is a national treasure where archaen age to the current age history can be found at one place and it should be preserved, celebrated and researched. Narmada basin extends over an area of 98796 Sq.km. and lies between east longitudes 72o 32′ to 81o 45′ and north latitudes 21o 20′ to 23o 45′ lying on the northern extremity of the Deccan Plateau, the basin covers large areas in the states of M.P., Gujarat and comparatively smaller areas in Maharashtra. Study of Narmada Basin is important because of its geographical location which is very strategic for migration of animal population from North to South and East to West. (N-S, E-W is quoted in Skanda puran as well). Narmada was known to Ptolemy as Nammadus. Adi Shankara met his guru Govinda Bhagavatpada (भगवत्पन्द ) on the banks of river Narmada.

One of the verses in Skanda Puran gives puranic glory of…

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