Jet Eliot

Ulysses Butterflies on Lantana, Australia. Photo: A. Alexander

If any of my friends in the Northern Hemisphere are feeling a little blue about the waning of summer, here is a panoply of blue wildlife to uplift your spirits.

Blue-gray Tanager, Peru

Blue-footed Booby, Galapagos. Photo: A. Alexander

Violet-crowned Woodnymph, Costa Rica. Photo: A. Alexander

Though there are many birds with blue, there are also insects and reptiles, and even a monkey.

Bluet Damselfly, Nevada. Photo: A. Alexander

Butterfly, Ecuador. Photo: A. Alexander

Western fence lizards have a bright blue belly.

Western Fence Lizard, California. Photo: A. Alexander

This skink we see in California has a dazzling tail.

Skink, California

The blue monkey. Not as blue as some of its fellow blue-named creatures, but a beauty nonetheless.

Blue Monkey, Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Africa

Birds this blue sometimes blend into the greenery; but I have spotted them from far across an opposite…

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