Who are we?

Hindus themselves are confused. They don’t know what their dharma teaches. If only they knew what the glory of sanatana dharma is, nobody would EVER look at others. The depth, the scientific thoroughness, the perfection, –nowhere.

There are FOUR states or avasthas according to Sanatana dharma.

1. The PHYSICAL: This gross state we all know. It is made of Consciousness + five elements [earth, fire, air, water, space]. Here, there is variety, name and form, etc. This is your first covering. This is not YOU. One religion thinks only this is true. Demons [Rakshasas] concentrated only on this. Only physical enjoyment. Even after death.

2. THE SUBTLE: This subtle state is where your mind,memory, intellect, sense organs, organs of action, everything is located. What you call ghost, etc, are this subtle body. This also not YOU. This is made of Consciousness + five subtle elements like sound…

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