Stephen Liddell

I was feeling pleased that I had managed to find the first two little known ancient and even neolithic spots with out any maps and so decided to see one more if I could find it.  I had considered  Grim’s Dyke which was both the boundary of Mercia (was one of the kingdoms of the Anglo-SaxonHeptarchy) and that it was possibly a defensive works by the Catuvellauni tribe against the Romans.

However I used to play on Grim’s Dyke as a child even though it was deep into woods usually unvisited by adults and I really wanted to see something new, well new to me.  Perhaps one for another post!

And having seen a holy spring and an ancient burial mound then perhaps that other great mystery of ancient England is that of standing stones.

One of the places I pass through every day on my way into London…

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