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This 2009 video from the USA says about itself:

Wyoming Ruminants

Ruminants have specially adapted digestive systems enabling them to consume high cellulose feeds.

From the University of California – Davis in the USA:

From sheep and cattle to giraffes, genome study reveals evolution of ruminants

New data opens new opportunities for research, conservation and animal breeding

June 21, 2019

A team of researchers has carried out a detailed study of the genomes of ruminants, giving new insight into their evolution and success.

Ruminants including deer and antelope, as well as sheep, goats, cattle and their wild relatives, have thrived in many ecosystems around the globe. They range in size from the tiny lesser mouse deer of Malaysia to the towering African giraffe.

The new study published today (June 21) in Science and led by Wen Wang and Guojie Zhang at the Kunming Institute of…

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