Dream Temples

The ancient village of Pandamangalam near Namakkal in Tamilnadu has a history that connects it with the great Indian epic poem, Mahabharatha. It is believed that the Pandava brothers lived here for a brief period during their vanavaasam – their years in exile. In fact, many places in Tamil Nadu have local legends about one or all the five Pandavas visiting or living briefly there during their exile and tell of incidents that took place during their stay.

The legend of the Venkataramana swamy temple which is the most famous temple in Pandamangalam, says that when the Pandava brothers lived here, they were saved from a demon by Krishna. The demon was engaged by enemies to kill the brothers. Krishna in order to save them, made the waters of the Varaha Theertham near the temple, poisonous. The brothers fell dead when they drank the water. The demon was confused on…

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