Massive supernova could have made humans walk upright, study says

The Extinction Chronicles

Researchers claim cosmic particles bombarded Earth’s surface at such high levels forests turned to savannah

Exploding stars 2.6 million years ago may have caused ancient humans to walk upright, a new scientific paper claims.

Cosmic particles from these supernovae bombarded Earth’s surface at such high levels that they caused global forest fires, researchers from the University of Kansas suggest.

This led to the creation of large swathes of savannahs in places that would previously have been forested. Early hominins in northeast Africa had to learn to walk on two legs to cross these vast areas, according to the study, published in the Journal of Geology.

The theory was laid out by a team led by physicist Professor Adrian Melott in an attempt to join together different strands of research.

“It is thought there was already some tendency for hominins to walk on two legs, even…

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