Jet Eliot

Green Honeycreeper, male, Trinidad

In this fresh new year — try to find a spark of  joy in every day.

It could be a spot of bright nature;

Azure Kingfisher, Australia

or something new you’ve never seen before;

Male Kudu, Botswana, Chobe River

Conversely, joy could appear in something you see every day, but never stopped to appreciate.

Monarch Butterfly, Horicon Marsh, WI

Twelve-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly, California

We can find joy in remarkable human engineering feats;

Sydney Opera House, Australia

or inspiring people;

Gandhi Statue, The Ferry Building, San Francisco

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

or art, so many forms of art.

Ancient Kangaroo Rock Art, Kakadu NP, Australia

Chihuly Sea Star, Seattle, WA

Some of the most cheerful joy comes in simple forms.

American Robin nest, Wisconsin

California Honeysuckle, lonicera

There will be times, however, in the new year when difficulty or despair take over.

Joy might not be readily accessible…

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