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This 26 October 2018 video says about itself:

Breaking News – Newly found species of the ‘first bird’ Archaeopteryx discovered

Scientists have discovered a new species of Archaeopteryx. Dubbed Archaeopteryx albersdoerferi (artist’s impression), the late species had a number of bird-like features.

From The University of Manchester in England:

New species of ‘missing link’ between dinosaurs and birds identified

October 25, 2018

Known as the ‘Icon of Evolution’ and ‘the missing link’ between dinosaurs and birds, Archaeopteryx has become one of the most famous fossil discoveries in palaeontology.

Now, as part of an international team of scientists, researchers at The University of Manchester have identified a new species of Archaeopteryx that is closer to modern birds in evolutionary terms.

Dr John Nudds, from the University’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the team have been re-examining one of the only 12 known specimens by carrying out the first…

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