Another paper written for my Supernatural Anthropology (ANTH 4751) class, written on December 10, 2015.

The Bishnoi, Svādhyāya, and Jain

An interesting concept any budding anthropology student is bound to come across is the idea of analyzing two seemingly different cultures and finding the similarities between them. Along with that, however, comes the skill of being able to discern the differences between two cultures that seem to be practically identical from an outsider’s point of view.

Such was the case in our assignment to compare and contrast three religious communities which share similar morals and ethics, yet differ in their focus and philosophies.

The communities we studied are the Bishnoi, the Svādhyāya and the Jain, each of which seem to be environmentally-minded religious groups that ascribe to the dharma. Though each of the communities are renowned for their ecological co-existence, the differences between them lie in their…

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