By Mikayla E. Sievers

Many people in the United States do not know about the religion Sikhism. Its followers, Sikhs, have made significant contributions to the US and have been a part of this country for decades. This religion has great perspectives to offer. I want to write about this religion because it is not always well-understood in the US. As I share my experiences with Sikhism, I want to recognize that my examination of this religion comes from my lens of growing up in a Judeo-Christian society. I was not raised Sikh, and my article does not represent all Sikhs and their respective thoughts. That said, I highly admire this religion and have close connections to some Sikhs, including my boyfriend.

Sikhism began over 500 years ago in a region of India called The Punjab. At this time, The Punjab faced the Mughal empire invasion, and a mix of…

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