Bharata Bharati

Sanskrit-speaking Mattur village in Karnataka

SanskritSanskrit was the language of the streets, of traders and philosophers, of prostitutes and saints, of farmers and kings, of housewives and warriors in ancient India. – Ram Abloh

Sanskrit was the spoken language of ancient India, in spite of what the modern miscreants would like you to be indoctrinated with. The feature that distinguishes a spoken language from a purely literary or artificially constructed language is that the former quickly develops variants, whereas the latter is frozen forever. All other great languages in the history of the world have had variants – such as accents (variants in pronunciation), lexicons (variants in choice of vocabulary), registers (variants in style based on purpose or social setting), and dialects (variants that are geographical with a combination of one or more of accent, lexicon and register). English, for example, has 28 variants just within England! (not including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, North America and Australia). Now…

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