Nilesh Nilkanth Oak

What is the Aryan Invasion/Migration myth?

It is about language, not migration. The story is that a technologically superior race called Aryans created a super-language that spread all over Europe and Asia. It is imagined that Aryans originated in an area somewhere between Europe and Asia and fanned out like spokes of a wheel riding on chariots pulled by horses, conquering and imposing their language on Europe and India. Those languages became “Indo-European languages” spoken between Ireland and India.

Why does it matter?

Unfortunately, it matters most only to Indians because it erases and discards ancient Indian history. It does nothing to European history and European philologists (historical linguists) and historians have no problem with it. For them, it is a minor quibble that is being raised by a bunch of right-wing Hindus

How does AIT affect Indians?

It discards and denies Indian history on many counts. AIT claims that…

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