Sama VedaCarnatic music not only relates to the Sama Veda but is intimately connected to the Rig Veda, whose mantras are sung in the Sama Veda. – Dr Vijaya Rajiva

A program aired on a famous television channel, (Is Carnatic Music being Communalised?, Aug. 13, 2018) raised the question whether those who argued that Carnatic music should not have icons such as Jesus and Allah are being needlessly communal. Music is universal, argue those who wish to include Jesus and Allah in their repertoire of songs. A very vocal advocate of this view is well-known singer T. N. Krishna, who was prominent during the discussion.

The immediate occasion for the television program was the alleged threats being made against some Carnatic musicians for planning to participate in an event where kritis (songs) would invoke Jesus or Allah (since then these artists are said to have withdrawn from the event).

The discussion included…

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