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Leftist recolonisation of the Indian mind was perhaps more dangerous, devious and insidious than what the British had accomplished. It glorified those who exhibited a colonised mindset as true leaders of a country that they had invented, with Marxist historians and members of India’s Communist Party made into the true interpreters of India’s ancient culture – Dr David Frawley

India achieved its political independence in 1947, but did not establish the necessary intellectual independence to go along with it and effectively take the country forward.

It is not that India’s independence movement had not demonstrated an awakening of India’s own cultural values and intellectual traditions. On the contrary, India’s independence movement was based upon a staunch revival of an older Indic / Bharatiya ethos and its profound heritage of thought and meditation about the whole of life and every domain of culture.

India’s independence movement honored the Bhagavad Gita as…

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