Wild Voices


By Sharon St Joan

Utah’s wild horses 

The word “gather” sounds like such a gentle word, like gathering wildflowers on a spring day. But for wild horses, as in the “Muddy Creek Wild Horse Gather Plan EA,” it’s meaning is anything but gentle. It hides a brutal reality – being herded by helicopter, then being sent off to holding pens where they are likely to spend the rest of their lives in captivity. In the blink of an eye, lost to each of these horses is their freedom, their family, and their wild way of life. This is like taking a bird from the sky and keeping it in a cage.

The Muddy Creek Herd Management Area in Emery County, Utah – 283,000 acres of public and state land – lies in the San Rafael Swell –- a juniper/pinion area of spectacular rock formations.  The “Gather” Plan, proposed by…

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