The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

For those who are scientifically inclined, this dissertation might seem simplistic and unnecessary.  For everyone else, I hope it sheds some light on what technology is, how it is developed, why it is developed, and what drives its use and misuse.  This is relevant to modern society because in these highly contentious and uncertain times technology is increasingly being perceived as a panacea (which it is not) or as an evil (which it is not).

In short, technology is the application of existing knowledge of our natural world for practical purposes.  Today, it is known as engineering and applied sciences.  In contrast, natural science (a.k.a. pure science) pertains to the search and discovery of such knowledge.  Astronomy, biology, and physics are examples of the many natural sciences.  The search for knowledge and the development of technology are as old as our species. …

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