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The Oaxaca coast is home to three of the seven species of giant sea turtles in the world. Many of these species are endangered but the people here are not going to let them fade quietly into extinction.

Every morning and night, volunteers patrol the beaches looking for sea turtles that have laid their eggs. When they find a nest of eggs, they move them to a protected corral on the beach where they’ll be safe from wild animals and poachers. For the next several months, the volunteers guard the eggs and when they are ready to hatch they invite locals and tourists to be part of the baby turtles’ first steps and help them on their journey to the ocean.

Our little turtle making a bee-line to the ocean

Every day at 5:00pm at Playa Bacocho in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, the volunteers of VivaMar gather up the baby turtles…

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