Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

From: Leda Huta, Endangered Species Coalition <action@endangered.org>

Date: Wed, Mar 21, 2018 at 8:35 PM

To: madravenspeak@gmail.com


I have an update – and my sincere thanks – for you today. We have learned in the past hour that policy riders that would have delisted Great Lakes wolves have been eliminated from the final version of the omnibus spending bill! This is fantastic news and means that wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin will not face hunting and trapping seasons in the near future!

This is an enormous win for both gray wolves and the Endangered Species Act. Had the War on Wolves rider advanced it would have paved the way for even more politically-based listing decisions. We have learned from allies in Congress that senators and representatives received thousands of emails, phone calls, and tweets asking them to keep these wolves protected. The bill is not perfect. It contains…

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