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This 27 January 2018 video from Amsterdam, the Netherlands is about a demonstration afgainst the Turkish Erdogan regime’s invasion of northern Syria.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Monday, January 29, 2018

GERMAN police broke up a tens of thousands-strong pro-Kurdish rally in Cologne yesterday after participants refused to take down flags and symbols of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Demonstrators came to the city from all over Germany to protest against Turkey’s invasion of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria.

“The protest march has been stopped in order to remove all forbidden banners”, the North Rhine-Westphalia state police tweeted.

Despite repeated demands from police, many marchers continued waving flags bearing the image of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is imprisoned in Turkey.

Two people who distributed flags were detained, according to the DPA news agency.

There were scuffles outside the city’s train station…

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