The language of the Indus script had remained as a puzzle for long time and the conclusion now arrived at is that Indus scripts are written in “logo-syllabic” way and all the Indus inscriptions are based on Sanskrit language.

The methodology used in this decipherment effort is quite simple. I used an analysis table consisting of four steps.

Firstly, the figures (objects) shown in the inscriptions on the seal were identified.

Secondly, the Sanskrit names of the identified objects were obtained through online Sanskrit dictionary “Spokensanskrit,” which was quite useful in searching for the Sanskrit words.

Thirdly, the first letter of the object alone is taken out to form the word and the phonetic sound is obtained by using Logogram – syllabic method of reading.

Fourthly, if the word obtained is not giving correct sound and meaning, then the phonetic sound should be tweaked to get a meaningful word.


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