Council for all wildlife

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Please send this on Saturday or Sunday, before Monday morning, August 22, when the Kane County Commissioners will meet to consider a proposed ordinance to allow nighttime spotlight hunting of coyotes and other wildlife in Kane County, Utah.


Please change the wording so that it will be appropriate for you and where you live.

If you live outside Kane County and you would be less likely to visit if there were gunshots at night, please include that. You may also send it as it is.


Please see the instructions at the end.



Dear Chairman Clayson, Commissioner Smith, and Commissioner Matson,

I am very concerned about the proposed ordinance that would allow nighttime spotlight hunting of coyotes, jack rabbits, red foxes, and striped skunks in Kane County.

Kanab is such a peaceful town that draws tourists and visitors from all over the world. The local…

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