Nilesh Nilkanth Oak

A researcher wrote (at another forum)….

By the time of the Kurukshetra war, the Saraswati had pretty much dried up. By archaeology, that cannot be much earlier than 2000 BC, because at that time the Harappan settlements along the river were going strong. How to square this with the astronomical calculations, I have the least clue. [emphasis mine]

Sarasvati-2My Response…

While archaeological evidence for drying up of Saraswati can not help us determine exact timing of Kurukshetra war….

If archeological evidence has (or can determine) determined a timing e.g. 2000 BCE or such, for ‘Saraswati drying up completely…. then based on Mahabharata text descriptions, one can assert that Mahabharata occurred definitely before that date (e.g. 2000 BCE).

Archeology inference for drying up of Saraswati, of course, will still not able to assist us in determining exactly when the Kurukshetra war occurred.

Thus, as of now, there is no conflict…

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