The Indus Valley lay forgotten and undiscovered for thousands of years.

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HarappaAround 4,500 years ago, Harappa was one of the busiest cities in the Indus Valley.

The city was laid out in blocks, with some areas surrounded by strong walls.

There were public wells, which people might have used to wash their clothes, and sewers which carried the waste water away to nearby fields.

There were also workshops where beads, shells and stone tools have been found.

farmer ploughing

Kalibangan means ‘black bangles’, after the large number of terracotta bracelets found at the site.

Archaeologists have also found what they think might be the oldest evidence of a ploughed field here.

The ancient Indus farmers would have probably used oxen to pull a plough, before sowing seeds for their crops. Around 5,000 years later, some people in the Indus Valley are still farming in this…

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