Council for all wildlife


By Sharon St Joan

On October 12, 2015, Raul Grijalva (D. – Arizona) introduced into Congress the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument Act. The intent of this bill is to protect and restore 1.7 million acres which lie to the north and south of the Grand Canyon, including the North Kaibab Ranger District, of which the Grand Canyon is an integral part, and the Tusayan Ranger District.

Revered by many as the world’s most strikingly beautiful natural formation, the Grand Canyon, along with all the canyonlands of the four corners region, draws visitors from all over the world. Yet the forests to the north and south of the Grand Canyon are not yet federally protected from the possible ravages of uranium mining, which poses a serious threat to the trees and wildlife that live on the threshold of the Grand Canyon and to the water of the Colorado River…

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