The universe according to Egyptian philosophy was created from the primal waters, the universe according to the Vedas was created from the causal ocean. According to Egyptian scriptures a lotus flower emerges from the primal waters, according to the Vedas a lotus flower emerges from the causal ocean. From the lotus of Egyptian philosophy Ra the Sun God is born bringing life to this universe, the lotus of the Vedas produces Lord Brahma who engineers this universe. The Egyptians understand a universe which undergoes a cyclical process of creation and destruction while the Vedas speak of the days and nights of Lord Brahma.

In Egypt they would worship a particula deity and other Gods in relation to that deity, Vedic India do the same. Each morning in Egyptian temples the deity is awoken, bathed, dressed, worshipped and offered a variety of sumptuous foodstuffs, each morning throughout India deities receive the…

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