This is interesting because of the suggested connections between civilizations on opposite sides of the world in ancient times. We shouldn’t expect every single suggestion to be completely accurate – they are possibilities…


Durga / Kali worshiped in ancient American continent.(Mayans , Aztec , Sumerians) And do you know Maha Kali temple still exists in Mexico ?

Possible relationship with Vedic India

Certain learned scholars who have done extensive research on both Hindu as well as the Aztec mythology have expressed a possible connection between these two cultures. However, there is no proof available till today to support these claims and they require more research. Following are some connections that can be

found in these two cultures.

1. Quetzalcoatl, one of the chief deities in the Aztec culture was known by several names in Mesoamerican civilizations such as Kukulcan in the Mayan culture. Quetzalcoatl is equated to the Indian sage Astika who built the civilization at Tula for estranged Nagas (snake worshipers) who had escaped persecution in their homelands at the hands of king Janmejaya. The leader/king of the nagas was called…

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