Nilesh Nilkanth Oak

Shri Prabhakar Phadnis has brought out two conflicts for the timeline of Mahabharata War year = 5561 BCE

(1) Summer solstice and thus rain concided with lunar month of Ashwin and thus lunar months of Ashiwn and Kartik would be months of heavy rain. Against this background Krishna’s statement (to Karna) “to begin preparation for the war/begin the War on Shakra Amavasya and his comment that there is no mud, clean water, ample grass” conflicts with my proposed timeline for Krishna-Karna dialogue (end of lunar month of Ashwin)

(2) In our times (and at least in parts of India – western India/Konkan/Maharashtra) where I experienced monsoon season for 20 years of my life, the season of Sharad (approximately one month before and one month after around 21/23 Septemeber – point of Fall equinox) feels like time of rainy months (months of September/October) even though rain is substantially low in comparision…

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