Council for all wildlife


By Suzanne Cordrey

What is it about the jungle that is so mesmerizing, so breathtaking that it overpowers the senses and reduces me into a giddy, childlike state of joy? Every time.

After a long travel day and an Indiana Jones ride in the dark looking for a house we’ve never been to, fording streams and potholes big enough to snorkel in, we fell asleep in hammocks, air mattresses and beds with the warm tropical rain pattering on the roof, competing noisily with the din of night creatures whistling, croaking and outdoing each other. At some point in the night, we all awoke to a violent shaking and realized it was an earthquake. All the noise stopped for a few minutes and the rhythmic lapping of the waves down at the beach assured us it was over. Not sure of the cosmic significance of that.

The open air house replete…

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