Bharata Bharati

Kausalya Santhanam“This book establishes for the first time that Tamil attained classical status by adopting Vedic and Sanskrit traditions, especially with the help of Brahmins in the formative stages. The Tamil script is derived from Brahmi, which was invented by the Brahmins or the Brahmanas when Emperor Asoka wanted to propagate his message through his edicts.” – Kausalya Santhanam

Dr. R. Nagaswamy“At no point was there an isolated development of Tamil culture,” states R. Nagaswamy, former Director of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu. “At no point of time was any part of the world isolated from its neighbourhood. The impact of the North Indian tradition on various spheres in the Tamil region cannot be denied. We are able to trace this tradition up to the Vedas.”

Nagaswamy’s latest book, ‘Mirror of Tamil and Sanskrit,’ is an integrated study that shows the impact of Vedic tradition and Sanskrit on Tamil life – its literature…

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