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Kite transfer3

By Thane SPCA

Many will remember the Raptor Hermitage Initiative taken up by Thane SPCA in the month of March 2014. We suggested that the Forest Department allow us to use the dilapidated cages within the Karnala Sanctuary for Raptors to rehabilitate before they take flight. They agreed only if we donate the funds to them!! We raised funds for this with much difficulty and made the cage brand new.

The revamped raptor cage was inaugurated on August 22, 2014 by Local MLA Vivek Patil in the presence of Addl Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Conservator of Forests along with Team Thane SPCA. Twelve Black Kites were transferred from Thane SPCA Animal Hospital to this cage for rehabilitation till they will be fit to fly. One fresh water turtle has also been transferred to give company to the lonely turtle inside the turtle pond.

Thane SPCA has guided the…

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