Art, animals, and the earth

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The recent Supreme Court of India ruling banning the cruel “sports” of bull fighting (jallikattu) and bull racing is one of the most remarkable documents ever issued, by any country, in setting out a fundamental legal basis in support of animal welfare.

Here is a brief summary of the ruling, with some quotes from the court’s judgment:


“All living creatures have inherent dignity and a right to live peacefully and the right to protect their well-being…”

“Human life, we often say, is not like animal existence, a view having anthropocentric bias, forgetting the fact that animals have also got intrinsic worth and value.”

In its 103 page judgment, the Court considers both the arguments of the State of Tamil Nadu, presenting the case for continuing to hold jallikattu events – and also the case for banning jallikattu on the grounds of cruelty, brought by the Animal Welfare Board of India…

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