Art, animals, and the earth


Every year during the celebration of Eid, one of the most important Islamic holy days, a vast number of animals, in India and many other countries throughout the world are slaughtered. Sheep, camels, and goats are killed in the streets in a way that causes drawn-out suffering for the animals. Often camels slaughtered in south India have been forced to walk on foot from all the way from Rajasthan in the northwest; many others have been transported by truck in terrible conditions.

The slaughter at the Eid celebration has continued despite the statements by many Moslem animal advocates that this practice is not required by their faith and that animal abuse is contrary to the tenets of Islam.

Dr. Chinny Krishna, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Blue Cross of India, has been engaged for a number of years in combating this slaughter of camels, which most people in India find…

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