Bharata Bharati

Pilgrim--called a kanvaria--carrying Ganga Jal to his home a 100 kms away

Pots of Ganga Jal

Kanvarias at Har-ki-Pauri

Maria Wirth“The majority of kanvarias reach Haridwar by train or bus and resolve to go back on foot to their villages and town in northern India. One group for example had come from Meerut. They planned to cover the 175 km in three days. There were several women, stoically walking along. Apart from the kanvar, many seemed to carry nothing else.” – Maria Wirth

Ganga JalAll over India, an interesting phenomenon can be observed. On one hand, materialism is on the rise, and on the other hand, spirituality is also on the rise. Even difficult poojas, like the Chhat Pooja, and arduous pilgrimages, like the Kanwar Mela, attract huge crowds, most of them young.  It shows that in spite of modern life style and western influence, the ancient bond to the spiritual dimension is strong. The majority of Indians still feel connected with the invisible power behind the…

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