Bharata Bharati

Alain Danielou

Sandhya Jain“The selection of Varanasi as the new Gangotri of an ancient civilisation is apt, not accidental, for no other city so embodies India’s eternity, unceasing energy, and patient tenacity to endure. Kashi, where the BJP leader has promised to restore the Ganga to its pristine purity, owes its eternal significance to the fact that it is here that the river bends back northwards to salute her Himalayan source before continuing downstream towards the Bay of Bengal.” – Sandhya Jain

Narendra ModiAs the long-drawn parliamentary election meanders to a close, it would be churlish to deny that Mr Narendra Modi gambled well in his choice of Varanasi as the wellspring of his plans for rejuvenating India, economically and civilisationally. It is equally evident that the people of Gujarat realise he will quit Vadodara in the event of being anointed Prime Minister, and are willing to pay this price for the honour of…

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