Staring up at the moon and starry sky
More familiar than my old room
than my grandparent’s house or the oldest friend
More familiar than the most reoccurring dream
my favorite song, cherished old toy
More familiar than my family crest
the most beloved of faces, most sacred locale
stillest memory, all gone now
The stars leave ribbon traces, silver light
across shadows of time
like the streaks through my hair
on this wild windy plight
like the lines on my skin
ancient trailways in the sky
I have stood like this for decades, eras, eons uncountable
Staring at the moon and stars
surrounded by all their mystery
Marveling at the planets
beneath their glowing constancy
And though the unspeakable has occurred
nothing seem to have changed
my broken epics seem so frail
never changing either
Walking back up the path
footsteps echoing through the cold night
I begin to…

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