What an Amazing World!

Delicately carved wooden statues in realistic proportions embellish people’s houses, floral designs are intricately sculpted on temple figurines, and sturdy yet delicate rock-hewn statues stand at major roundabouts and intersections. It is in Bali where statues hold a more significant role in people’s lives than merely pleasing the eyes.

Balinese Hinduism – a very different form of Hinduism than the one practiced in India – emphasizes on satisfying the gods and spirits through aesthetic rituals. Hence the ever-present deity statues. The world-renowned Balinese artistic finesse, despite current commercialization to some extent, is a long tradition dating back to the time when Hinduism was predominant in Indonesia. As the religion flourished, so too did the local craftsmanship which resulted in some of Indonesia’s greatest monuments, the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan.

However in the 13th century a new religion arrived in the archipelago, arising from the northern tip of the…

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