At the Edge of Existence

I have been visiting Kaavus (sacred groves) in Gudalur valley to understand their status and biodiversity in them. Most of the Kaavus which I have seen so far are very small – sometimes just a single large tree. I had heard that a typical Kaavu consists of a water source and small and big trees but I hadn’t seen any such Kaavu. I know that my experience is too little and therefore, I have taken keen interest in seeing more Kaavus.

Everytime I go to visit some Kaavus, I wish to see some big ones. My wish finally came true when we saw a Paniya Kaavu in the village Verakavadu on 16th July. It was quite bright and sunny when Shruti akka (older sister) and I reached Padanthorai from where we were supposed to walk to Verakavadu. Parasu anna (older brother) and Kadhiravan anna from Devarshola area office joined us…

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