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Guest Post by John Gower

Zion National Park is located in Southeast Utah, a short drive away from the more widely-known but equally beautiful Bryce Canyon. Both Zion and Bryce are located on the Colorado Plateau, an ancient geological formation that developed millions of years ago when forces inside the earth forced the crust to rise. This rising exposed many strata – layered beds of sedimentary rock – and since then erosion and weathering have sculpted the enormous rock formations seen in the parks today. Oxidizing iron and varying types of sandstone color the natural structures of Zion with a rich palette of reds, oranges, pinks, and browns.

The Sculpting of Zion

Around 240 million years ago, Zion National Park began as a flat basin near sea level. Mud, sand, and gravel eroded from the surrounding mountains and streams carried this debris down into the basin. This process formed numerous…

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