What an Amazing World!

“This is how Kuta Bali might have looked like decades ago,” James expressed his concern over the more well-known Kuta when we arrived at the other Kuta in Bali’s neighboring island of Lombok. I nodded, agreeing after witnessing myself what reckless mass tourism has done to the Balinese beach and its surrounding area. Throngs of vendors selling souvenirs with obscene words printed on them and stalls with ‘magic mushroom’ for those who want to get high stud the main streets in Kuta Bali, which now sadly represents the image of a once tranquil piece of paradise in the southern part of the island.

Kuta Lombok was a very different place. A turquoise beach with shades of blue and rows of modest restaurants and souvenir stalls welcomed us upon our arrival from Senggigi, another well-known and more developed beach at the western part of the island where the more spoiled tourists…

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