Fascinating account of ancient, ecologically beneficial, water systems in India…

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India was a cradle of civilization in the ancient world. An interesting feature of all ancient civilization was that its inhabitants realised the tremendous value of water in human life. Each of these civilizations was located on the banks of a river  or within a convenient distance from the sea. This was to ensure a perennial supply of water for day to day activities.

 It is indeed astonishing to realize that at the dawn of civilisation, the humans understood the significance and importance of water. Apart from cooking, personal cleanliness and hygiene, water was vital for cultivation and irrigation of crops. In that early age, water was a major mode of transport; with further progress and development water again became an invaluable source of food as well as trade and commerce.

 According to the RigVeda, all life on this planet is evolved from apah (water). Water is usua

lly acknowledged…

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