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Guest Post by Afzal Zaheer

Great Britain is regarded to be the largest island in Europe. The place has various interesting as well as mind-blowing facts which you would have never heard before.

Great Britain is the ninth largest island in the world. It houses United Kingdom which includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, as well as Wales. Spread on a total area of 88,745 square miles, it has a total population of 62.64 million (2011 estimate). The place offers historical and natural beauty as it boasts about a global city namely London along with various other comparably smaller cities in the form of Scotland, Edinburgh

How “Great Britain” got its name?

The name “Britain” was used since ages, yet the term “Great Britain” was officially practiced since 1474 after the marriage proposal between Edward IV of England’s daughter, Cecily, and James IV of Scotland got underway. Today, “Great Britain” comprises…

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