What an Amazing World!

Rice fields and houses with small vegetable gardens stud both sides of the highway from the airport to the city center of Taipei, giving a glimpse of how agriculture is still an important part of many Taiwanese despite the world-renown high-tech industries of the country. Verdant hills and ornate Chinese temples rise among the fields, reminders of how the locals are doing their best to preserve the environment and their culture. However as our bus goes deeper into the city, blocks of dreary high-rise residences covered in uninspiring bathroom tiles create a rather dull ambiance to the city.

Taipei has become the provisional capital of the Republic of China (ROC) – better known as Taiwan – since the Chinese nationalist party of Kuomintang resettled to the island in 1949 following their defeat from the Communists in the Chinese Civil War. Based on the constitution of Taiwan the capital of the…

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