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http://l2.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/0hsIdAlyySQfrIJY2GwxvA--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Y2g9NjM4O2NyPTE7Y3c9OTUwO2R4PTA7ZHk9MDtmaT11bGNyb3A7aD00MjQ7cT04NTt3PTYzMA--/http://l.yimg.com/os/401/2012/10/31/talakadu-lakshmi-sharath-jpg_133218.jpgIt is the classical Indian story. A tale told by gods and demons, filled with kings and queens, replete with curses and boons. There is a little bit of history here, blended with some geology and topped with legends and myths. Set on the banks of the river Cauvery, this saga dates back to the 4th century and has certain intriguing elements, defying the very laws of nature. This is the tale of Talakadu, the erstwhile capital of the Ganga Dynasty which is now partially buried under sand dunes. Many rulers have reigned over this once flourishing city, but today it is a lost forgotten town, blown over by the sands of time….

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