What an Amazing World!

“Nächte Haltestelle, Hauptbahnhof.”

The distinct melodious southern German accent from the automatic announcer in the tram signaled my destination, the Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg) central train station which is located in a beautiful Neo-Baroque building and facing the Altstadt (old city). Right across the station lies the Königstor (King’s Gate), the main access to the walled old part of Nuremberg.

As I walked through Königstraße – the main street leading to the center of the Altstadt – the view of the wide expanse of the city outside the wall turned into a medieval-looking promenade of cobblestone street lined up with tall buildings in authentic German architecture on both sides. I was walking toward Nuremberg Castle, located at the north end of the Altstadt. Despite the numerous small alleys  in the Altstadt, the castle is easily accessible from Königstor. One can walk Königstraße until it ends at the Hauptmarkt – the Central…

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