With the Thalidomide tragedy back in the news again, we are reminded that medical research on animals is detrimental to humans as well as to animals.

In the 1960’s an estimated 10,000 children, mostly in Europe, were born with crippling birth defects as a consequence of their mothers’ being prescribed Thalidomide during pregnancy.  The survivors (many of the children died) and their families still suffer today.

Thalidomide, like all modern allopathic drugs, was tested on animals, and the animal tests did not provide any warning of the impending tragedy.

Animal experimentation is cruel to animals.  The animals are innocent, sentient beings; however, for those for whom this fact may not be relevant, animal experimentation also provides false results, not applicable to humans, and therefore it is cruel to humans as well, so there is no logic or justification for continuing this barbaric and ineffective practice.

It’s also worth noting that the vast majority (there are a few exceptions) of charities which raise funds for “curing “ diseases are using the funds to support research on animals.  Despite all the TV appeals showing sick children with their families, the funds collected go towards research, which means research on animals, and not to the people who are suffering from the disease. This fact is well hidden, but with a lot of perseverance, the truth can be uncovered.

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