What an Amazing World!

Suresh drives the old minivan with a constant speed, en route to Anuradhapura. It is still hours away from noon, yet I have already felt so sleepy. Suddenly Suresh talks to me while pointing his finger at a rugged landscape to my left. “The cave temple is up there,” he says. “We will go there after going back from Anuradhapura.” I nod while trying to read some shop signs on the road side to find out where we are ─ still with the sleepy eyes. Finally I manage to read some Latin words among intricate Sinhalese and Tamil letters and learn that we are somewhere near the town of Dambulla.

I did not know a lot about Dambulla prior to arriving at this island nation. But it was a picture of the interior of the cave which I saw at a tourist information office at Colombo Fort train station that…

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