Beautiful photos of peaceful Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka…

What an Amazing World!

In the scorching heat of early June – one of the hottest months in a year, my driver, Suresh, skillfully drives the old non-airconditioned minivan through every turn and crossroads of Sri Lanka’s intercity highway. He has been doing his job for more than ten years now, hence the unrivaled knowledge of Sri Lanka’s interesting places. This time he is taking me to Anuradhapura, the country’s oldest continuously inhabited city – since 10th century BC – and the most prominent site for Sri Lankan Buddhist pilgrimage. We are just two days away from an important national holiday celebrating the arrival of Buddhism to the country. Signs of preparations for the special day are evident. Countless flags of Theravada Buddhism – stripes of red, yellow, blue and white – are hoisted everywhere. Upon approaching Anuradhapura the smooth asphalt road turns into dirt and gravel, under renovation and scheduled to be completed before the holiday.

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