Trailer Trash

On Day 13, we packed up and left the spectacular Monument Valley behind.

I recalled from my last trip to Moab, nearly 20 years ago, that it wuzz right sum purdy.  The closer we got, the more I began to think that this was one of those times when memory out-strips reality.  Y’know, like how everything just seemed bigger when you were a kid. I was just thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have made such a big deal out of coming here when…WHAM!  We came upon this just sorta hanging out beside the road:

After doing a wee bit of research, I’ve learned that this is called Church Rock, and that little thing on the bottom that looks like a door, is a man-made hole.  Yep, some genius spotted this giant ROCK and thought it might be a really cool idea to burrow into it.  The aforementioned genius only got…

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